How to solve Soduko Puzzles without using Pencil Marks

                                 From this                                                              To This 

With No Pencil Marks

As a computer professional I have always approached  a difficult problem in a very logical manner. I have used the  strategy of breaking a difficult problem down into a series of simple steps. This always worked very well for me.
It turns out that solving a Sudoku puzzle is no different. First you break the puzzle down into a series of simple steps. You follow the steps by the number and repeat as necessary until the puzzle is solved.

The basic recipe for solving a Sudoku puzzle is as follows:

1.  A good logical strategy

2.  A lot of patience

3.  More Patience

4.  Even More Patience

5.  Combine logic with all of the patience until puzzle is complete.

It is assumed here that as a Sudoku enthusiast you already have an abundance  of patience. You take care of that part and I will supply the logic with my winning strategy.

For those of you who are not that familiar with Sudoku I suggest that you click onto the Basic Sudoku Tab above . If you would just like a refresher in How to play Sudoku Click on the Basic Sudoku tab  above.

If you are a more experienced  Sudoku player and ready to give up the pencil marks then click on the  Winning Strategy Tab above.

Good Luck with your new winning strategy.  🙂

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